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Many Moods of the Doppleganger
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many moods of The Doppleganger
Here's the thing, I don't particularly care for the mood themes livejournal provides. It's not that I don't like them, acedia's Little Gent is great, but I figure most everybody has access to those so using them doesn't make anything really distinct. If you're going to have an account, to express yourself and be yourself, shouldn't it be different than everybody else's?

Course, that defeats the purpose in advertising the moods I slap together but it's not like I can use them all at the same time. I usually have 3 or 4 done for my own journal, which I either switch seasonally or depending on my mood, and one unique mood for each of my communities.

Why shouldn't they have their own personalities too?

I primarily get most of the mood sprites from various gaming sites. There's an online thing, easily downloadable, called MUGEN which I've really gone to town on for my more geeky comms. Also a number of sites that have collections of sprites ripped from popular arcade games are equally handy. I edit some of the ones that I can, the non·animated ones as I can't do anything with the animated sprites; for those I usually consult God of VodkaAllah·Sulu. What can I say? My only editors are Microsoft Paint and a better than average graphics converter.

A listing of the sites I generally get my mood sprites can be found on this comm's links list. I also got a number of good sets of mood sprites from Woof!Khaos·Dog who I have permission from to slap them together as I see fit.

Even though I advertise my moods to the related communities, I've noticed a few people have comms for their moods alone so figured it might be cool to have the one place to display the lot.

I occasionally post to these other mood comms: cute_moodthemes & fandom_moods.

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