April 6th, 2010

we are not amused

let's try this again

8:02 AM 3/28/10 · Okay, since the last time I posted about this I've been doing some research into the issue; that being LJ's new mood theme restriction, if you missed the memo. All mood themes that're larger than 100x100 have been automatically reduced. For those of you that don't actually customize your moods, or use those made by others, up until about 2 weeks ago the maximum default for all mood sprites was 255x255. Admittedly, that's a bit big for most people's purposes (I made 2 that large just for the fuck of it) but I'm just being thorough here.

Here's one of them: Clicky! You will notice that despite the fact the 100x100 restriction has been instituted those mood sprites remain much larger. That's because the restriction only effects mood displays when used in actual journals. The 255x255 restriction is still in effect when displayed outside of journals...

...or when shown in any view that is not a paid or plus account, like so: Clicky!

Yeah, most of the moods I make are larger than 100x100. Hence why I'm so annoyed by this new feature. However, it's not so all inclusive as you might think. I own a Kindle (wait for it) and even though I can't post to livejournal through it I can read stuff just fine. It was doing this Saturday morning I made an interesting discovery.

My mood theme displayed on my journal the way it's supposed to! A little later that same day I decided to check a different browser type than I usually use; I'm an Internet Explorer kinda guy. The mood displays correctly when viewed under Mozilla Firefox too!

The 100x100 restriction is specifically designed for Internet Explorer...so far as I know. I'm not that familiar with other browsers outside of these 3.

I've run into this problem before. Upon my behest I requested the moderator of marvel_universe update the background of that community and I provided several options. He did it but the thing is I can't see it with IE...but it's perfectly viewable with Firefox.

Go figure.

So long as you don't use Internet Explorer you're fine. However, I do more often then not so I couldn't just let it go at that. I noticed another odd little curiosity due to the fact that in IE my mood theme isn't visible on my account at all. Nor viewing anything on my friendslist. See, the IE view resizes mood themes but certain journal themes don't allow for visible mood themes at all. My journal utilizes the journal theme The Boxer. Decided to poke around and see what others weren't working.

Did I mention that I moderate over 100 communities? Not as hard as you might think, most people don't post as often as I'd like. Even though I use the standard journal themes I try to make each journal look as unique as possible, hence why I make mood themes. Also means I can check out a lot of different journal themes easily enough by looking directly at each of my communities in turn...

...I don't use all of the available journal themes though. Believe it or not, even before this new restriction there were already journal themes that didn't allow for a visible mood theme display. Still, I do use most of them.

There's probably more but these are the journal themes I know don't display moods that used to under IE: The Boxer, Refried Paper, Disjointed, & Component.